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Thursday 04/20/2017新思科技「跨時代智慧型車用電子」 技術論壇

Automotive electronics leads the economic growth around the world today and Taiwan is a key player in this booming sector. Customers across the automotive supply chain use Synopsys’ Silicon to Software solutions to develop silicon chips and software for next-generation infotainment, ADAS, V2X, and autonomous driving. Our portfolio of automotive-specific silicon design tools, IP, and software accelerates time to market and reduces risk.

The seminar is also designed to explore cutting-edge automotive electronic technology and is a platform to exchange ideas and thoughts on innovation, application, and technology development in the automotive electronic ecosystem with semiconductors as a focus.

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Wednesday 05/10/2017AMS SIG -Taiwan

IC設計發展正在邁入新紀元。物聯網、車聯網,以及各式高端應用與科技不斷創新,帶動IC 設計的新契機 ; 而面對日益複雜的功能需求,類比及混合訊號晶片設計也面臨更高難度的挑戰。新思科技的年度盛會AMS SIG Forum - Accelerating robust AMS design for new opportunities預定於510日舉行,將針對新商機衍生的市場需求與技術挑戰,邀請資深使用者提供經驗分享,以發揮切磋學習之綜效。此外,會中的專題討論 (Panel Discussion) 也將邀請業界翹楚參與,透過臨場的互動與討論,帶領與會貴賓共同激盪出面對類比及混合訊號晶片設計技術挑戰的新思維。衷心期望能協助您大幅縮短產品上市時間,有效提升產品的競爭與可靠性,掌握產業新商機。

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Thursday 05/04/2017Low Power Verification Workshop

Power has become an important agenda for modern IC designs. For IC that is used in mobile device, because of limited battery capacity, IC needs to save power to ensure device can operate long enough. On the other hand, for advanced process node, power control and estimation is also an important task. Power can effect operating speed of an IC and will also impact reliability of it. In verification space, Synopsys offers complete set of products to help designer verify low power design and also provide solutions to help designers to estimate power consumption earlier and accurate. The Synopsys Low Power Verification Workshop will introduce all of our products which can help provide complete solutions for low power verification.

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