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Thursday 03/28/2019Synopsys Laker Seminar 2019
The Synopsys Laker Seminar will introduce the next generation of Laker L3+ products that enable customers to meet their design goals with high-efficiency mixed signal layout. At the seminar, users will share their experiences with Laker. Please join us for Laker Seminar 2019 to learn the latest updates on Synopsys complete and innovative Laker Custom Design Tools, that have a strong heritage of providing new innovations in custom layout productivity.
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Wednesday 04/17/2019Custom Compiler Workshop in Austin, Texas
At this workshop at Synopsys' office in Austin, Texas, attendees will get hands-on experience using Custom Compiler’s productive layout features. Attendees will build the layout of a PLL output clock driver using advanced features such as placement and routing assistants, and then will verify the layout using DRC, LVS and extraction interfaces.
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